Review – Are You Sleeping Little One?


Review – Are You Sleeping Little One?
by Hans-Christian Schmidt, Cynthia Vance
Illustrator, Andrea Nemet
Zondervan, 2012
Review by Tijuana Canders
Dec 18th 2015

Are You Sleeping Little One? – Prepares  babies and toddlers for bedtime with simple rhymes and soothing pictures. The dialogue introduces young children to how baby animals sleep. With expressive bedtime rhymes, it describes the sleeping habits of animals, from ducklings to flamingos, to giraffes. The rhymes are soft with gentle pictures, and vibrant colors, offering a perfect way to share a story or tuck your little one in for the night.

Hans-Christian Schmidt and Andrea Nemet are a writer-illustrator team that has worked on many children’s books together. Other arts of work are Five Little Sleepyheads, and When A Coconut Falls On Your Head.

Cynthia Vance co-author with Hans-Christian wrote another Abbeville children’s book, Red, Yellow, Blue, and You (My First Colors), Published in 2008, edited Everett, the Incredibly Helpful Helper as well as Ami Rubinger’s Big Cat, Small Call; Dog Number 1, Dog Number 10and I Dream of an Elephant.

The book is lovable and charming. Nemet’s illustrations of water colors captivate interest, and introduces how sleep is important to their growth. I am always looking for materials to allure my childrens’ attention as a educator which stimulate their interest to learn. I like books that motivate people, especially books that stimulate and motivate children. This is one of those books. The metaphoric concept of different animals in relation to sleeping is great for sending children off to bed.


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