Review – How To Stay Christian In College


Review – How to Stay Christian In College
by J. Budziszewski
Tyndale House Publishers, 2014
Review by Tijuana Canders
Jan 27th 2016

When students go to college, they’re leaving behind their network of support and heading to a world with different perspectives, responsibilities, and expectations. Even for those going to “Christian” colleges, there’s no guarantee they won’t face challenges to their faith. So how do students stay Christian in college? How do they stay open about their faith in the face of potential ridicule?

J. Budziszewski has written the book for three groups of people. The first group is Christian students who plan to go to college. The second is Christian students who are there already. The goal here is to prepare, equip, and encourage students to meet the spiritual challenges of college life. Few new college students are ready for them.

The third group is for the parents of students in the other two groups. The goal is to help them understand what their children are going through in college so they can offer more effective spiritual support.  Maybe they never went to college. Maybe they went but can’t remember what it was like. Maybe they remember, but they’ve heard that college today is different than it was when they were there before.

How to Stay Christian in College is a terrific read that is just what it sounds like- a book that gives lots of advice on how to handle difficult situations in college.

It was interesting, and a nice refresher course on the technicalities of the Christian belief. The author being a college professor gave the book a nice angle from his personal experiences.

A must-read for every college student, How to Stay Christian in College will guide readers through the maze of campus realities. J. Budziszewski discusses the foundations of the Christian faith and directly addresses different worldviews and myths that students may encounter at college. Filled with quotes, statistics, resources, stories, and encouragement, this book will equip students to conquer the dangers that lie ahead.


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Review – Just Add Watercolor


Review – Just add Watercolor
Inspiration & Painting Techniques From Contemporary Artists
by Helen Birch
Watson – Guptill, 2015
Review by Tijuana Canders
Jan 8th 2016

Bold and unusual colors capture everyday inspiration in Just add Watercolors. Helen Birch has brought together a collaboration of elite professional painters along beside her, in this book to share their unique techniques with others who are beginners or intermediate painters.

A visual index guides the painter from pages six through nine to find specific watercolor paintings quickly and easily. If trying to find an image already seen in the book, or are looking for a specific style, color, or background, the index takes the painter right to the page. Each professional artist is credited alongside their work and the name appears in the accompanying text. At the back of the book you would also find an alphabetical list of all the artists and where located relevant.

The artists name the type of painting, tools to use, what the painting should look like, and what to expect. Tips are given at the bottom of each page to guide the painter further throughout the process. Only, the professional artists do not give directions to how the painter should structure their painting. Expecting to open the page and be shown exactly how to carry out a painting, should not be the assumption. Although I would propose – as a former art student, that there is a valuable reason behind the professional artists not providing specific instructions of how to paint each picture. Mostly, many art instructors want the students to use their own imagination and painting hand to design a watercolor painting that is unique in their own style. Preparatory guidelines are given, but the inspiring painter is expected to give the best impression of their work.

Just add Watercolor is uniquely formatted, brilliant in color and is understandable even to a person who has never painted. Each artist gives a link to their blog or website so the painter can look up more of their work. Helen Birch has delivered a unique approach to the world of painting from the classroom to a book.


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Review – The Power of Surrender


Review – The Power of Surrender
Let Go And Energize Your Relationships, Success, And Well-Being
by Judith Orloff, M.D.
Harmony, 2014
Review by Tijuana Canders
Jan 3rd 2016

The Power of Surrender written by Judith Orloff, M.D. gives insightful dialogue of how to develop ourselves past seeing surrender as defeat, explores letting go while discovering personal and spiritual freedom, and sees surrender as victory inside ourselves. Orloff teaches healthy vulnerability, how surrender is powerful to our success, health and relationships.

The book opens with a personal ‘Initiation into Surrender’  from thewho has always felt that she has never fit into the mainstream. The personal note transcends into the Introduction titled, ‘Letting Go: Preparing to Surrender, Trust, and Flourish. The text is divided into five parts, Power And Money, Reading People And Communication, Relationships, Love, And Sensuality, Mortality, Celebrating The Blessing Of Joy. 

Orloff believes that each of us is unique, beautiful, lovable, surprising, and spontaneously unfolding moment to moment. Each of us must become the best you that we can possibly be without becoming too self-attached to negative sentiments we encounter regularly, urges readers to lose control but in a good way. Orloff is intrigued with the idea of surrender not as defeat or loss, as it is frequently though of, but as a positive intuitive way of living, a power that grows as you develop trust in the moment as well as in change and the unknown. Surrender is a way to gain mastery over your life, not give up power. Resistance should be pushed aside, and surrender should be the acceptance to allow understanding to develop. Judith Orloff wants readers to understand that the practice of letting go empowers a person to get through difficult periods. Surrendering helps individuals find their own unique way to attune to the natural rhythm of things in their lives, which is invaluable.  The Power of Surrender does not guarantee freedom from heartache and worries, but it does support that burdens will lift or lessen according to how we handle them.

This book is written for a mature platform who is able to decipher between psychological, spiritual, and secular advice used in the written piece. I personally hand-picked the section on Relationships subtitled, ‘Surrender Old Relationship Rules, Create New Ones’ ‘How Do You Know You’re Having An Emotional Affair?’ ‘Surrendering Your Attraction to Delusional Relationships’ and ‘Not Settling.’ The Power of Surrender offers a broad range of ways to surrender through reading, emotional recognition, yoga, religion, meditation, wise counsel, self-reflection and exercise. Orloff could have used more layman terms to expound to a larger platform. The text is suitable for college students, professors, or someone who personally needs to surrender, let go, and develop.


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