Review – Food With Friends


Food With Friends: The Art of Simple Gatherings
by Leela Cyd
Random House, 2016
Review by Tijuana L. Canders
November 17, 2016

Food With Friends is written by author Leela Cyd who travels internationally for work teaching workshops and photographing hotels, chefs, and artisans. The book is filled with Cyd’s inspired ideas, beautiful photographs, and tips, from Beets in Coconut with Curry Leaves to Pistachio Rose Clouds and Whiskey-Pepper Magic Shell to drizzle over ice cream.

The book is a collection of Leela Cyd’s recipes gathered during her travels while shooting culinary stories and throughout her childhood in her family’s sunny California kitchen. Cyd learned early on that food and laughter are a universal language and the most valuable currency for making new friends. Cyd’s hope is that her words, tips, and colorful images inspire you to live better in the moment emphasizing eating healthy and expressing your creativity with food that looks and tastes good.

The intention of Food With Friends: The Art of Simple Gatherings is to refine the art of hanging out showing you how to to turn an everyday necessity -eating- into an intentional gesture that sparks creativity. The book includes an Introduction, Index and six chapters, Breakfast & Brunch, Teatime, Happy Hour, Potlucks & Picnics, Desserts, and Tiny Takeaways. Cyd’s  writing and pictures are uplifting, vigorating and pushes the most distant person who is not enthusiastic about cooking to explore the art of cooking with friends. The difference of food is exquisite in introducing vast amounts of culture through culinary. Food With Friends is a great read! Pick up your copy to use during special occasions, holiday seasons and summer events.


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