Mad to Glad


Mad to Glad: Mindful Lessons to Help Children Cope With Changing Emotions
by Angie Harris
Mindful Aromatherapy, 2016
Review by Tijuana L. Canders
January 25, 2017

Author Angie Harris highlights children experiencing common daily interactions which may constitute tantrums from children, such as wanting a toy and being told no. Through the eyes of the five ethnically diverse characters, the reader is guided through positive ways of managing common emotions to help children learn ways to identify and handle negative emotions in an effective and focused manner.

The five negative emotions explored are anger, sadness, frustration, fear, and loneliness. With each one, a different possibility to handle the emotion is explained. The emotion is named, then an example of how this emotion might arise is shown through situational experiences. Afterwards an easy action which the reader can imitate is given. The reader is then asked to repeat a simple phrase which will lock into their minds. At the end, there is a Mindful Diary, for children and adults to keep track of the child’s progress.

The lessons in the book include using physical movements to change negativity into positivity, using imagination and dreams to reach goals, using praise and unconditional love to boost your child’s self worth and confidence and teaching the child to stay in the present moment.

Mad to Glad: Mindful Lessons to Help Children Cope With Changing Emotions is a calming book with good advice for parents, teachers or other leading figures to use to help kids deal with their emotions. The advice is sound, and if nothing else, readers will enjoy imitating the methods. A nice plus is the diversity of characters in the illustrations. The illustrations are nicely done and go well with the text. Through them, it’s easy for young readers and listeners to understand the message of Mad to Glad. The writing itself is informative and easy for children to understand.

This is an interesting book for parents, teachers or others to share with children, who might benefit from a way to deal with more difficult emotions.


© 2017 Tijuana L. Canders


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