Here at Lavender Book Reviews Literacy we offer review services for books in the genre of  Mental Health, Wellness, Relationships, Parenting, Academics, Christian Literature, Children’s Literature, Theater, Art and Memoir.

Simply visit the HOME page, choose the genre of interest and begin reading the review. Lavender Book Reviews Literacy offers a 300 word review or more for each genre category, personally evaluating each Author’s work with an approach of integrity, sound criticism, and optimism.

Lavender Book Reviews Literacy continues to build the reading community, keeping them informed of new talent, redemptive and empowering work, while providing excellent services to consumers through our LITERACY DEPARTMENT for Creative Writing, Self Publishing, Traditional Publishing, Non-fiction Proposals, and Query Letter Writing.

The goal is to provide transparent reviews to readers, and to empower those who have always wanted to see their words in print. Writers are not born, Writers are created.



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